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At Instant Lawn Turfing, we believe we offer the highest possible quality turfing service.
When it comes to supplying, preparing and laying turf for your premises. Instant Lawn Turfing carry your project through from start to finish. Call Us Today On 01432 270 717.

We know how to transform even the knottiest of gardens into beautiful, professionally laid lawns. In addition to turf, we also offer a full preparation and drill seeding service.
Instant Lawn Turfing have a keen eye for a great design. Let us see how we can redesign and landscape a bespoke space just for you.
From consulting, planning, ordering materials and actually doing the ground work, Instant Lawn Turfing will be your one stop shop.
We only employ the hardest working & most reliable team and do not subcontract, ensuring you get an unbeatable service from a local family name. For more information, please call Paul directly on 07971 268 366.

Mowing your lawn not only makes it look nice and tidy, but as long as it is done correctly it also plays a key role in keeping it healthy and strong. Instant Lawn Turfing highly recommend you mow and care for your lawn, keeping it strong and healthy!!

With a few handy tips, you can improve your lawn mowing technique (and it wont take that much longer, we promise!) and it will result in a healthier and tidier lawn.

By changing your mowing practice even slightly using the tips above, your lawn will benefit greatly. Your lawn will be super strong, green and lush. Call us on 01432 270 717 for More information

Keeping the blades sharp on a lawn mower is key to cutting your lawn well, but it is often overlooked. A sharp cut encourages strong, healthy growth. Blades should be sharpened as often as possible, but we are aware that not everyone is the next Alan Titchmarsh! At a bare minimum we recommend sharpening the blades at the end of every season. So before you put your mower away for the last time, give the blades a sharpen so you’ll be all set once spring comes back around.
Never cut more than one-third of the length off your lawn off in one cut. It is often tempting to scalp the lawn so you don’t have to cut it again for a while, but this will damage the lawn and make it weak. Weak grass then struggles to compete against weeds and nobody wants a weedy lawn!
Only cut your lawn when it is dry. This avoids the cut being uneven, gives the blades a sharper cut which encourages healthy growth and it also makes it a lot easier to push the lawn mower!
Try to avoid mowing up and down your lawn in the same pattern every time you mow. Varying the direction that you mow will encourage stronger growth and the blades will grow upright.

Avoid trying to mow your lawn in the quickest possible time – Rushing around the garden is a common mistake. Going too fast will leave an uneven cut, so just take a little bit more time for a tidier and healthier result. It’s not a race!

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“Paul has fantastic experience and understanding in whats needed to create a beautiful garden. I dare anyone to challenge his knowledge on grass seeding!!”

Sam Davies – Gloucester


“Our lovely new garden is finally finished!  Instant Lawn Turfing picked up the job from some cowboys after they trashed my home. i cannot express my gratitude to them”  

Angela Rippen – Hereford


“We needed new turf laid outside of our local rugby club, Mr Richings and his team sailed in under the budget and over expectations. A real local and reputable company! A bright future for them i see” 

Nick Aden – Bristol


“What more can i say! The Landscaping was second to non –  Our pain large garden let only to the imagination. We have seen what beautiful creations can come from someone skilled who has vision. Well done ILT”   

Roger Mascroft – Cheltenham


Know When To Mow
It is important to mow as and when needed. There is no set routine, it is very much weather dependent so just judge by eye when your lawn is due a mow. Mowing will start in spring and frequency will increase until you are mowing around once a week. In the height of summer, growth actually begins to slow in the heat, and your lawn will gradually need mowing less and less with the final mow of the season usually around the end of autumn.
The Right Height
Changing the cutting height of your mower is easy to do and will make sure you don’t cut your lawn too short. Start the season with it set high, and gradually lower it as the season goes on. Coming up to autumn time it is best to start raising the height again so it is not left too short at the end of the growing season.
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