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With over 25 years’ experience, we firmly believe we have the tools and the know-how to prepare, supply and lay the very best turf for your premises. Alternatively, if you just want the turf and not the additional laying services, we can supply our high quality, beautiful turf and let you deal with it from there – A truly personalised service.

 Instant Lawn Turfing is a family-run business with a great and yet ever growing reputation for a high quality end product.
We always pride ourselves on our professional and personal service and we don’t use subcontractors. Call Paul Richards Personally on 07971 268 366 or 01432 270 717.

All of our staff are friendly and committed to seeing your job through from consultation to completion, making the job as easy and as stress free for you as possible. Does your garden look a little old or dated?

Is the grass looking more like a festival site than a carpet? At Instant Lawn Turfing, we specialise in supplying and laying down that perfect turf and ultimately, transforming your garden.

Did You Know - "Lawn Thatch"
Lawn thatch is a natural part of turf and is not necessarily a problem. Thatch is the layer of yellow blades at the base of grasses, and gives your lawn a bit of bounce making it feel a bit spongy when you stand on it. It is basically the base of old grass stems which start to die and decay when grass grows new shoots.

Is Lawn Thatch a Problem?

A layer of thatch around one centimetre thick is actually beneficial to your lawn. It helps to make you lawn dense and protects the soil layer, whilst still allowing the rain water to reach the soil. Once the rainwater reaches the soil it also acts as a mulch layer preventing the water from evaporating from the surface.

It is only when thatch builds up a thicker layer that it can become a problem, around 2-3cm. Like a thatch roof keeps a home dry, too much thatch in your turf can create an impermeable layer and prevent water from reaching the soil beneath. This will then cause your lawn to suffer and struggle. A build up of thatch can also feed lawn diseases providing them with decaying matter to feed on, causing further problems for your lawn.

Instant Lawn Turfing
Instant Lawn Turfing
Want Tidy Edges?
If once you have mowed your lawn it still doesn’t look as tidy as it could do, it may be because you are forgetting about the edges. By making the edges straight and neat, the whole lawn can instantly look tidier and healthier. Follow our steps below to get your lawn edges in tip top condition!

  • You can just follow the existing edge of your lawn but it can help to mark your lawn edges with a plank of wood, or a rope for curved edges. This will give you a line to follow and cut against for a neat finish.
  • Using a half-moon edging tool, re-cut the edges of your lawn. Spring is a good time to do this, so that your edges are tidy and well defined for the year ahead.
  • If your lawn meets a path, use a sharp blade such as a Stanley knife to trim and remove any grass that is covering the path.
  • After each mow, trim the edges of you lawn using shears. This should be quite easy to follow, now that your edge has been dug and defined.
Instant Lawn Turfing